Our David’s Been Here Store at 5832 Sunset Drive in South Miami, Florida, is a labor of love birthed from its founder David Hoffmann’s insatiable passions for travel, sharing the wonders of the world with curious minds across the globe, and making travel more accessible to people from all walks of life. Each unique item in our inventory (which includes masks, wood and stone carvings, statues, wall hangings, and figurines) is 100% authentic and represents the hard work, passion, and soul of the artist who created it, as well as the cultural identity of the country it’s from.

Our signature David’s Been Here Hot Sauce is a collaboration between David’s Been Here and Su Yum Foods, our Surinamese partners based in Tampa, that combines the subtle heat of Kashmiri chilies from India and fruity guava and pineapple from Latin America. This mouthwatering blend adds a vibrant and tropical kick of flavor to any dish it’s paired with and has received rave reviews from customers worldwide. 

Our store also stocks signature David’s Been Here coffee blends, made from high-quality beans from around the world including Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia & Guatemala.


David first began traveling the world with his family as a young child to visit relatives and friends in Europe, South America, and Central America. As he grew older, he expanded into solo trips to destinations like the Bahamas and his maternal grandfather’s village of Gubbio, Italy. All the while, a yearning to experience more of the world and share the things he learned from traveling grew inside him.

After living abroad in Italy in college and being moved by the way he bonded with his mother’s family through food, David founded David’s Been Here in 2008. His goal was simple: film videos showcasing the culture, history, and food in countries around the world and post them on a then-new platform called YouTube to reach as many people as possible. He raised funds, hired a small crew, and set off on multiple trips across the globe over the next 15 years, filming over 3,700 episodes in the process.

As David experienced the unique wonders of our planet and met interesting and talented artisans, he developed a passion to support them and their communities. His dedication to supporting local communities led him to open the David’s Been Here Store, a one-of-a-kind establishment that sells hand made creations crafted by artisans in countries across the globe, including Ghana, Kenya, Albania, Belize, India, and more.